[Review] Lufthansa MUC - DUS Economy class flight review (LH 2028)
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LH 2028 opby CL MUC ⇛ DUS in 00:51
Seat 19F (Window)
Economy class for 89€ (0.18€ / km, 0.32¢ / mi)
Canadair CRJ-900LR (D-ACNQ)
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I had just landed at Munich Airport from Frankfurt on flight LH 110 and was now waiting at gate G81 for my next flight to Düsseldorf, LH 2028. I was excited to be on board the CRJ 900 LR aircraft, which is operated by Lufthansa CityLine, a subsidiary of Lufthansa, to compare it against my SAS CityJet CRJ 900.



Boarding was done by walking across the tarmac, which I always find to be a great experience. The aircraft, named Hallbergmoos after a town south of Munich airport, had slim seats but the legroom was alright. I was very lucky to not have a seatmate, so I had enough space to stretch out. It can be quite uncomfortable if you have a seatmate.


Tray table

The seat pitch was 31 inches, and the width was 17.5 inches. The tray table was clean, and the seats were comfortable enough for a short flight like this. I was seated in seat 19F. The three rows behind the emergency exits and the emergency exits themselves all have misaligned windows. This applies to row 16, 18, 19, and 20. So avoid them if you can.

In-Flight Service

The flight attendants gave out one piece of chocolate and a small water bottle during the flight. After that, the crew went to the galley and only came out shortly before landing. They did not collect any trash. I must say that the crew on my previous flight was in my opinion better. You can read more about that flight here.

Flight Experience

View out the window

The flight was smooth, and we had a beautiful view of the Bavarian countryside as we took off from Munich Airport. We landed in Düsseldorf on time. After landing, we had only a short taxi to our bus gate.


As with most flights on small planes, passengers are asked to leave carry ons they do not need in the cargo bay. This helps with the limited space on the aircraft and ensures a smooth boarding and disembarking process.


Overall, my flight with Lufthansa CityLine on LH 2028 was a pleasant experience. The aircraft was comfortable enough for a short flight, and the in-flight service was sufficient. The crew could have been more attentive, but that did not detract from the overall experience. I would recommend this flight to anyone looking to travel between Munich and Düsseldorf.

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