[Review] Lufthansa FRA - MUC Economy class flight review (LH 110)
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LH 110 FRA ⇛ MUC in 00:33
Seat 21F (Window)
Economy class for 105€ (0.35€ / km, 0.61¢ / mi)
Airbus A320-214 (D-AIUP)
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In this review, I will share my recent experience of flying with Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Munich. I will cover various aspects of the journey, including the airport, the flight itself, and the in-flight service. This article is the written version to the companion video, which documents the whole experience and includes a beautiful timelapse. Definitely check it out using the link above!

Frankfurt Airport

My journey began at Mainz Hbf, from where I took the S-Bahn to Frankfurt airport. You can read more about my train journey to Mainz Hbf here. Frankfurt airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe and handles a lot of flights for many airlines, and also is a major hub for Lufthansa. I found this to be true as I made my way through the airport. The security check was quick and hassle-free, and I was soon on my way to the gate.

One thing that struck me about Frankfurt airport was a long tunnel that led to the gates. It was a bit of a walk, but the tunnel had an escelator-like ground, which made the journey more quick. The gate area was clean and spacious, with plenty of seating available, however you will have to be in luck to find a power plug. Soon, my group was called for boarding and I entered the plane via the jetbridge.


Photo of the tray table

The flight from Frankfurt to Munich was on an Airbus A320-200 registered D-AIUP. The flight time was only 33 minutes, but it was a pleasant experience nonetheless. The seating was comfortable, with 81cm (32") of legroom and 46cm (18") seat width. My tray table still had a few stickers from a children sticker set attached to it, which I thought was quite funny. However, it is worth noting that the tray table is a little low - it would not fit on top of my legs.

Legroom on Lufthansas A320

I chose seat 21F beforehand, which was a window seat. The view out of the window was beautiful, and I enjoyed looking at the clouds as we flew above them.

View from Seat 21F on the Lufthansa A320

The weather on the ground was very cloudy, but it was beautiful up in the air. The plane took off smoothly, and we were soon cruising at our cruising altitude of 23000ft. The flight was short, and there wasn't much time to do anything except enjoy the view out of the window.

In-flight Service

The in-flight service on Lufthansa was excellent. The flight attendants were friendly and attentive, and they made sure that everyone was comfortable throughout the flight. When they noticed my camera attached to the window, they were interested to find out more, and we had a few nice chats. They always had a smile on their face, which made the flight more pleasant.

Lufthansa Chocolate from the outside

Lufthansa Chocolate

The flight attendants did come around and distribute a 0.33l bottle of water and two pieces of Lufthansa chocolate. The chocolate was delicious and definitely a nice, unexpected, touch. The bottle of water and the chocolate were the only items served on the flight, but they were sufficient for such a short journey. However, it is worth noting that Lufthansa is a full-service airline, and on longer flights, passengers can expect to receive more substantial meals and drinks. You can find out more about Lufthansas catering here.


Overall, I had a pleasant experience flying with Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Munich. The airport was efficient and well-organized, the flight was smooth and comfortable, and the in-flight service was excellent. The cost of the flight was quite expensive, but it is understandable given that Lufthansa is a full-service airline and the flight is often used as a connecting flight to farther away destinations. I would recommend Lufthansa to anyone looking for a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience. If you want to see how my journey continued, keep on reading here!

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Lufthansa Chocolate from the outside via findaflight.eu
Lufthansa Chocolate via findaflight.eu
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