From Fjord to Faroe Islands: Exploring Scandinavias Regional Airlines
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Regional airlines play a vital role in connecting remote and underserved communities in Scandinavia with the rest of the world. Two notable examples of regional airlines in this region are Widerøe, BRA and DAT Danish Air Transport.


Wiederoe Dash 8 Q400

Widerøe, founded in 1934, is the largest regional airline in Norway. With its main hub at Oslo Airport, the airline serves over 46 destinations in Norway and Denmark. Widerøe's focus cities include Bergen, Tromsø, and Trondheim, and the airline operates a fleet of De Havilland Canada DHC-8 and Embraer E2 aircraft. Widerøe's extensive network helps connect remote areas of Norway, including the islands of Svalbard and Jan Mayen, with the rest of the country. This is especially important for residents of these areas, as it enables them to access essential services and opportunities that may not be available locally. It can take you all the way to the northernmost point of continental europe!

In addition to connecting remote communities, regional airlines like Widerøe also play a key role in supporting the local economy. By providing a reliable and affordable transportation option, regional airlines help stimulate economic activity and promote tourism in the regions they serve. This is particularly important for small, isolated communities that may otherwise have limited access to economic opportunities.

DAT Danish Air Transport


DAT Danish Air Transport is another major regional airline in Scandinavia. Founded in 1988, the airline is based at Aalborg Airport in Denmark and serves destinations in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and the Faroe Islands. DAT operates a fleet of ATR and A320 aircraft, and its focus cities include Aalborg, Billund, and Copenhagen. Opposed Widerøe, DATs role lies mainly in business and tourism. It offers an easy way to reach smaller citys from Denmarks main airport in Copenhagen.

BRA Braathens Regional Airlines


BRA, or Braathens Regional Airlines, is a Swedish regional airline based in Sundsvall. Founded in 2010, the airline has quickly established itself as a major player in the regional aviation market in Sweden. BRA operates a fleet of ATR 72 aircraft and serves a network of destinations throughout Sweden and Norway. The airline's focus cities include Stockholm, Sundsvall, and Gothenburg, and it offers flights to over 20 destinations within these countries.

One of the key advantages of BRA is its extensive network within Sweden. The airline serves a wide range of destinations, including major cities like Stockholm (Bromma Airport, not Arlanda Airport) and Oslo, as well as smaller regional airports. This makes it an attractive option for travelers looking to explore the diverse landscapes and cultures of these countries.

In addition to its passenger services, all of these airlines also offers cargo services to communitys, transporting goods to and from a variety of destinations within Scandinavia. This is an important aspect of the airlines' operations, as it helps to support the local economy and facilitate trade between different regions.

One of the main advantages of regional airlines like Widerøe and DAT is their pricing. Tickets for flights with these airlines are usually much cheaper than those offered by larger, full-service carriers. This makes regional airlines an attractive option for tourists looking to explore new cities and regions on a budget. In addition, the extensive networks of these airlines make it easy for travelers to reach a wide range of destinations within Scandinavia.

For aviation enthusiasts, or "avgeeks," regional airlines in Scandinavia also offer an interesting array of aircraft to spot. Widerøe operates a mix of Bombardier Dash 8 and Embraer E2 aircraft, while DAT uses ATR and a few Airbus planes. These aircraft are known for their reliability and efficiency, making them well-suited for regional flights. Interestingly, ATR and Dash 8 both are turboprop aircraft instead of Jet Aircraft, which are popular on longer flights. Widerøe operates E2 Jets for medium haul flights, before you will have to switch to a Dash 8.

In addition to their practical value, regional airlines also have a rich history and cultural significance in Scandinavia. Widerøe, for example, was founded over 80 years ago and has played a crucial role in the development of transportation infrastructure in Norway. Similarly, DAT has a long tradition of serving communities in Denmark and the surrounding region, and has played a vital role in connecting these communities with the rest of the world.

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Overall, regional airlines like Widerøe play a crucial role in connecting remote and underserved communities in Scandinavia with the rest of the world. These airlines offer affordable prices and extensive networks that make it easy for travelers to reach a wide array of destinations all across Scandinavia. They also support the local economy by offering easy connections from major hubs.

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