[Review] LOT Polish Airlines DUS - WAW Economy class flight review (LO 406)
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LO 406 DUS ⇛ WAW in 01:46
Seat 7F (Window)
Economy class for 68€ (0.07€ / km, 0.12¢ / mi)
Embraer ERJ-175 (SP-LIC)
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Welcome! Today we will fly from Düsseldorf (DUS) to Warsaw (WAW) with LOT. I will later continue to Riga (RIX).

Booking and Check-in Process

Booking was done via findaflight.eu, the best way to find cheap flights. I immediately got my webticket and waited until 36 days before the flight to check in. Free seat selection without surcharge. Very quick check in, although the website was quite tedious and difficult to navigate.

Boarding Process

Picture of SP-LIC, our aircraft

Boarding was done via a bus gate, and was done quite fast. Small hiccup was that airport personnell forgot to order a second bus, forcing us to wait for it to arrive. We got a great view of different aircraft on the tarmac.

Seat Comfort and Amenities

The seats were very comfortable. I wanted to fly the E-Jets to compare their seat comfort with the one of the CRJ900s, and I was quite positively surprised. The legroom was better than expected, and the headrests could be moved and their shape changed to make the seat comfortable. Recline was also available. The bathrooms were clean and tidy.

Food and Beverage Service

Sweet bun we got on board

There was food and beverages available for free. You can choose between a sweet and a salty bun, I went with the sweet one. It was very tasty. There is also juice, coffee and water available for free.

In-flight Experience


The flight was very nice and went by too fast. There was only very light turbulence during the descent into Warsaw, but nothing to worry about. I was able to properly relax and get a great view out the window. We quickly turned towards Warsaw and got to see the airport from the north. The window seems much dirtier on video than it was in real life, which was also caused by icing later on.

Arrival and Disembarkation

The arrival was marked by a very smooth touchdown on runway 33. After taxiing to the gate, we were greeted by immigration officers who checked our IDs. After that, we were allowed to enter warsaw airport. Warsaw greeted us with some light rain. We also had a gate on the opposite side of the airport, making the taxi quite long. Look at that traffic jam! It just kept going on... We taxied to a jetbridge and had to go through a quick ID check before being allowed to continue.


All in all, I had a great flight experience with LOT. The booking and check-in process could have been smoother, but the comfortable seats, tasty food and beverages, and enjoyable in-flight experience made up for it. I would definitely fly with them again in the future.

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Picture of SP-LIC, our aircraft via findaflight.eu
Sweet bun we got on board via findaflight.eu
Cabin via findaflight.eu
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